Competitors – When did you last look at your hotel competitors?

In the hospitality sector, we are all fighting for the same clients …. or are we? One of my hotel clients’ asked if I would like to attend an appointment that a GM from a local hotel had requested. It made me think about competitors…. made me wonder why the new Hotel Manager had requested a meeting with us, to see the facilities that our hotel had to offer, when the two hotels are not part (in our eyes) of the competitor set. He brought along with him, his proactive Continue reading

It’s all in the detail – 5 top tips for hospitality show-rounds

Selling event space takes preparation. Some tips may seem obvious yet my hospitality mystery shopping often shows up these gaps.These basics should be easy to achieve whatever the size of your hotel. BUILD A RELATIONSHIP before your client even arrives. Introduce yourself to your client on Linked In. Confirm your show-round by email including directions to the hotel and to main reception. WELCOME your guest in person by waiting in the reception for their arrival. Linked In will help you identifying your client. Your client should be made to feel Continue reading

How to encourage your guests to return……

How to reach to your guests with positive messages

We wish you were here …. Again! Marketing content is essential to ensure your guests return. How to reach out to past guests with positive messages to secure your future business? When rooms and reservation books are empty, now it is more crucial than ever to communicate with clients – particularly those who have already stayed or visited. Previous guests with experience and faith in your product and service could be the golden ticket in the hospitality business – repeat bookings. So how do you remind them of their experience Continue reading

Post Lockdown – Preparation prior to the Perfect Show Round!

As hotels and venues are now getting back to a ‘new normal’, we as salespeople must look at how we showcase our facilities whilst ensuring our clients feel comfortable and safe. We need to prepare prior to the perfect show round. For some of our clients its maybe their first time travelling and viewing a venue. Here are a few tips to prepare your client prior to their visit. Over – communicate • Send them your new COVID-19 protocol and what they can expect from the visit. • Detail what Continue reading

Why the art of telephone conversation is so vital in hospitality

Why the art of telephone conversation is so vital in hospitality Building relationships with a guest starts long before the step through the door So.. pick up the phone! As more customers get in contact to book, rebook and simply ask questions, your task is to not only give information but also to reassure and give that important first impression. Getting personal A personal phone call, when handled well, can not only get to the heart of an issue quickly, it can pick up on any side issues: a tone Continue reading

How to manage guests’ expectations post lockdown

How to managing Guests Expoectations after lock down

From initial booking to arrival – how to manage guests’ expectations post lockdown That postponed birthday celebration, a chance to escape, a time to explore new spaces and places; it’s not hard to understand why the hotel and guesthouse sector is already being swamped with enquiries. The hotelier’s role is now to carefully manage and balance expectations between that warm welcome and a safe environment for guests and staff. The message? Our friendly staff are here, most of our facilities are here (no spas yet but excellent food that you Continue reading

Tips for hoteliers to protect and maintain your hospitality business during lockdown

Tips for hoteliers to protect and maintain your hospitality business during lockdown

Lockdown – Protect and maintain your asset To make sure your hotel or guesthouse is secure under lockdown, yet ready to reopen smoothly to welcome guests again, it’s essential to look at all operational areas and protect your most valued asset. Thorough preparation will mean that as an independent hotel owner or hospitality manger, you’ll be prepared with an opening strategy to get your hospitality and tourism business moving quickly. Despite closed doors now you should still take time to protect your assets, keep up vital maintenance and above all Continue reading