It’s all in the detail – 5 top tips for hospitality show-rounds

Selling event space takes preparation. Some tips may seem obvious yet my hospitality mystery shopping often shows up these gaps.
These basics should be easy to achieve whatever the size of your hotel.


before your client even arrives. Introduce yourself to your client on Linked In. Confirm your show-round by email including directions to the hotel and to main reception.


your guest in person by waiting in the reception for their arrival. Linked In will help you identifying your client. Your client should be made to feel important so don’t wait in the office to be called.


them refreshments when thy arrive, they may have travelled a long way and starting with a coffee can be a useful pause to discuss their brief as well as demonstrating your hotel’s service and refreshments.


you know what space you are able to show – check prior to the appointment all lights are turned on. All spaces are clean and tidy and if possible in the set up that the client has requested. Show you have control of your product and once you are in the flow of the show round remember to sell the benefits and not the features. Name drop companies that have used the space previously this will provide kudos.


your client when they will be in a position to make a decision and how your hotel compares with other hotels. This is a good chance to cover any areas you didn’t realise were deal breakers. Ensure they leave with a lasting positive impression, firm handshake and gift of thanks for visiting, this could be a logo bag with a bottle of water, fruit or Chef’s home-made goodies for the journey back to the office.

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