Imposter Syndrome – Does it affect your writers block?

I recently was chatting to an industry colleague, collectively we had over 50 years hospitality sales experience.
We are both consultants and have, over the years, provided numerous clients with our expertise.
We both write blogs and industry content which we hope will provide our younger less experienced colleagues with some useful inside knowledge.

There is a HUGE ‘but’ coming….

We both agreed that we suffer with Imposter Syndrome when it comes to parting with our knowledge, doubting if our content will be interesting, ridiculed and receive negative comments, or event nasty remarks?
Possible thoughts of do we really know what we talking about?
We both agreed that we need to be more open minded, take any comments negative or positive in a mature and acceptive manner.
After all, we all have opinions and are entitled to make them.

We concluded that although we don’t confess to know everything. We have been blessed to work in our industry for several years, had vast experiences (both positive and negative) and it is only fair to part with our well-earned knowledge to the best of our ability.

We can take criticism- we have taken a lot worse across a reception desk. Face to face with irate guests who feel entitled to a room upgrade. So, if we can diplomatically please in person why shouldn’t we attempt to part our knowledge in writing.

You never know – Someone may find it helpful !

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