Social Media – Stand Out from the Crowd

How do you stand out from the white noise when thinking about the content of your social media posts:

Effective tools to encourage engagement, increase loyalty and connect with your clients.

Using sites such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TripAdvisor will help you elevate your brand and reach.

Communication needs to be directed at your ‘ideal’ hotel guest, ensuring the messages that you voice are aimed at them and are personalised.

Tone of Voice

Voice – Your brands personality think of it as a character

Tone – The vibe of your brand

Language – words you use in your posts

Purpose – What is the reason for the post in the first place?

*Be consistent* –

 Now, it is not necessary that you must post every day. But the frequency at which you are posting should be constant.

Let’s say if you are posting every alternate day, then it should remain consistent throughout. It is OK to miss a day or so, but ensure of regular contact, schedule posts using platforms scheduling tools like Buffer

You can reach more people by posting content regularly on all platforms. Besides, you’ll easily be able to grow your online presence and drive website traffic.

Example of consistent and clear brand messages –

Coca Cola’s brand message is easily identifiable and focuses on happiness and joy. Then they add a consistent tone of voice with that, which is friendliness. It’s in their ads, on their website, and very prevalent on their social media channels.

 Positive and Personal

Posts to include:

Personal stories from owners, staff or contractors

Provide the reader with information they can use

Include memorable experiences – let the reader remember, recognise and reminisce

*Negative posts do not attract followers*

Inspirational and Creative

Some ideas for your social media content calendar –


‘Sneak a Peek’


Inspiring Quotes

Customer Testimonials

Themed days

Quality Vs Quantity

Know your audience

Post with confident and purpose

Understand Different Platforms


Remember – Your aim is to build your audience.

Your audience needs to get to KNOW you

Once they know you, they decide if they LIKE you and follow you

Once they like/follow you, they then will TRUST you

Only at the trust stage will they BUY from you

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