How to reach to your guests with positive messages

How to encourage your guests to return……

We wish you were here …. Again!

Marketing content is essential to ensure your guests return.

How to reach out to past guests with positive messages to secure your future business?

When rooms and reservation books are empty, now it is more crucial than ever to communicate with clients – particularly those who have already stayed or visited.

Previous guests with experience and faith in your product and service could be the golden ticket in the hospitality business – repeat bookings.

So how do you remind them of their experience that they had with you and re-introduce yourself as a service, venue or attraction?

The answer?…..

Marketing content- 

Full of positive messages that give them a chance to reminisce about their stay or visit.

Reach out to them with those individual details that makes your service, venue or attraction unique or special.

Content should also be useful and beneficial to the reader – tips and advice from your expert staff or updates and news from the local area.

How to create marketing content to motivate previous guests and visitors:

Be positive and personal

Include personal stories from the owners, staff or contractors.
‘What our award-winning chef is cooking today with his children?’
‘Tips from our gardener – What to do with wild garlic or How to maintain a green lawn’

• Include memorable experiences or guest services – let guests remember, recognise and reminisce

Did your guests come to enjoy your luxury spa?

Try ‘Five home- made beauty tips from Rachel, our spa therapist’ with images of your professional pampering facilities for a future date.

Will they have visited your golf course?

Include a video from the golf pro – “How to perfect the perfect swing.”

• Include great images

to bring back memories and inspire new possibilities

Think imaginatively about new images as well as your stock photos. A picture of the chef’s 3-year-old wearing daddy’s chef whites would certainly get noticed

• Use the right tone of voice

It’s important not to be ‘salesy’.

Talk about the here and now in a positive, empathetic manner. Your tone of voice – and your imagery and other content – should be motivational, inspiring and appealing.

Have you started communicating with your past guests to secure future bookings?

What advice would you give to other hoteliers and venue managers?

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