Post Lockdown – Preparation prior to the Perfect Show Round!

As hotels and venues are now getting back to a ‘new normal’, we as salespeople must look at how we showcase our facilities whilst ensuring our clients feel comfortable and safe.

We need to prepare prior to the perfect show round.

For some of our clients its maybe their first time travelling and viewing a venue.
Here are a few tips to prepare your client prior to their visit.

Over – communicate

• Send them your new COVID-19 protocol and what they can expect from the visit.
• Detail what the hotel / venue has done to ensure that the staff and guests are Covid-19 safe.
• Provide a point plan of their visit from how to get to your venue to where to park and what to do when they arrive at Reception.
• Will they have to download an app for Track and Trace purposes, will they need to provide details to the Reception team?

In a simple format, provide your client with bullet point plan as to what they will expect on the day.

Manage their expectations

Inform them of what the new protocol will be, details can be found here – Guidelines for visiting hotels, they will be required to wear masks in public spaces.

Example –  I will greet you on arrival and I will be wearing a mask. We will ask you to sanitise your hands at the entrance. Please leave any luggage in the car so we don’t have to handle too many people storing at concierge desk. Only one person is allowed in the lift at once etc,

Consider sending a video?

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, sending a short 30 second video introducing yourself without your mask on, this will make your client feel comfortable, it is personal and they will know who to look for at Reception on the day.

I can highly recommend Pistachio View  simple and easy platform to use on your mobile.

Clarify the finer details

  • Establish how many people are coming? how much time do they have?
  • Where else are they visiting and what transportation options do they have?
  • Can you offer to pick them up in your hotel transport/car?
  • If you are planning to offer refreshments and food, ask for dietary requirements prior.
  • Reconfirm the appointment and number of people (important for table set up for social distance sit down)
  • Whom else do they need to meet from the hotel (Chef/ Operations Manager etc) Arrange them to meet seated to avoid large group show rounds.
  • Confirm all the details in writing and prior to the show round date.
  • Send VIP Visit Form to all departments so they are aware of your show round and are prepared to make a great first impression.

If your client feels secure and relaxed prior to their arrival, the show round day will run smoothly.

Can you share any suggestions / advise in your preparation for show rounds?

I would love to hear your success stories.


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