Competitors – When did you last look at your hotel competitors?

In the hospitality sector, we are all fighting for the same clients …. or are we? One of my hotel clients’ asked if I would like to attend an appointment that a GM from a local hotel had requested. It made me think about competitors…. made me wonder why the new Hotel Manager had requested a meeting with us, to see the facilities that our hotel had to offer, when the two hotels are not part (in our eyes) of the competitor set. He brought along with him, his proactive Continue reading

Don’t forget your staff in the welcome back!

Managing Staff beck into work

Now that the hospitality industry can open its doors, staff need to be welcomed back too – So how do you manage your team’s return to work? Returning to work is a big step. As owner or manager you’ve been living and breathing hotel life during lockdown to keep things going. Furloughed waiting staff, receptionists and breakfast teams have been solely stuck in frantic home-schooling or may have hardly seen a soul face-to-face. They’re making a big step change; relived to be back at work but work is not how Continue reading

How to manage guests’ expectations post lockdown

How to managing Guests Expoectations after lock down

From initial booking to arrival – how to manage guests’ expectations post lockdown That postponed birthday celebration, a chance to escape, a time to explore new spaces and places; it’s not hard to understand why the hotel and guesthouse sector is already being swamped with enquiries. The hotelier’s role is now to carefully manage and balance expectations between that warm welcome and a safe environment for guests and staff. The message? Our friendly staff are here, most of our facilities are here (no spas yet but excellent food that you Continue reading