Safety to Sparkle – What is your hospitality sales message?

Safety to Sparkle – What is your sales messages

Keeping the balance going for your hospitality business

Now we are nearing to over half the population is vaccinated, this is welcoming news, yet we still need to balance the ever-changing restrictions as we head towards a more positive Summer 2021.

So what balance do you need in your marketing messages to communicate positively to customers from safety to the sparkle?

What’s your latest safety news?

Be clear to customers about how regulations particularly affect your buildings, staff and the guest experience.

Check all bases are covered from reception to rooms – another balance between safety and reassurance. And check all information touch points – from websites to email signatures.

Who’s your customer?

Current bookings have obviously moved from larger celebrations to smaller groups, couples and single travellers but some websites still don’t reflect that.

Review your photo library – images of elegant table settings and beautiful grounds with just a shot of a happy couple can still promote a venue rather than that large group shot – save that for next year.

The same goes for text – try selecting words that reflect a more individual experience.

And finally, make sure you’re still selling the sparkle!

Once you’ve covered the basics, now you need to remember to celebrate why customers should still want to make that booking.

Special deals for spring and summer looking forward to more positive times? More images that reflect the perfect cosy couples’ getaway?

Try to highlight the facilities that can be used now – it may be time to invest in more video content for areas where you only have had regular images in the past. Or even areas that you don’t images of yet – reflecting the pleasure in simply strolling around the grounds or having room service delivered to the room?

What more can YOU share to highlight your visitor experience while still balancing your business?

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