Future staycations – hotels need to start marketing now!

Tell your story….. and keep telling it to secure future staycations.

You may have days at the moment where you struggle to imagine a busy reception area full of suitcases or the buzz of your bar area offering welcome drinks.

But then…..

you take a breath and remind yourself that so many of those people restricted to their own four walls at the moment are all longing to get away. Longing to get away, travel and book a so long anticipated break…at your hotel.

When the hospitality and hotel business returns, I firmly believe that it will be with great force and hoteliers need to keep up the momentum right now to take full advantage.

Every potential customer has a different story to tell and is on a different journey with their buying decision. You never know when someone is ready to make a booking so be prepared.

If you are just offering online booking or email reservations, rather than having phone cover, make sure everything is working perfectly.

Even down to the wording on the email confirmation – reward your returning guests with a keen welcome and efficient service.

Some great tips can be found here

Keep promoting your business with a strong image-led communication that really tells a story.

Is it the daffodils on the golf course as we head into Spring or images of the new rooms you may have renovated during lockdown?

Keep releasing a steady supply of those visuals that sell your business, your location and local attractions.

More people will potentially be planning to take a break in the UK, instead of, or as well as, a holiday abroad. UK Hotel forecast 

Your location and your region may be new to them so again show them what to expect and look forward to.

Let’s make sure that the hospitality business is ready to welcome those guests who are so keen to return.

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