Tips for hoteliers to protect and maintain your hospitality business during lockdown

Tips for hoteliers to protect and maintain your hospitality business during lockdown

Lockdown – Protect and maintain your asset

To make sure your hotel or guesthouse is secure under lockdown, yet ready to reopen smoothly to welcome guests again, it’s essential to look at all operational areas and protect your most valued asset.

Thorough preparation will mean that as an independent hotel owner or hospitality manger, you’ll be prepared with an opening strategy to get your hospitality and tourism business moving quickly.

Despite closed doors now you should still take time to protect your assets, keep up vital maintenance and above all be ready for guests as soon as you’re allowed to.

Lockdown housekeeping – from managing master keys to mowing the lawn

  • Protect your assets: Lock away all unused items such as iPads, laptops and PDQ Machines. Ensure all files are locked away including employees’ personnel information, accounts paperwork, bank details and payroll.
  • Stay Secure: Lock away surplus Master Keys. Only assign Masters to relevant key personnel during the lockdown period.
  • Arrange Post and Deliveries: Re-direct post if possible. If there is no one on site, arrange for the post to be picked up. Display delivery instructions at the front door so items are not left in view.
  • Bedroom cleaning: Remove perishables from the hospitality tray and fridge. Clean fridges and leave doors ajar to eliminate odours.
  • Regular Checks: Check bedrooms every other day for any changes, plumbing issues or even unwanted four-legged guests.
  • Bathroom Hygiene: Flush toilets and run taps for a minimum of 7 mins to conform with legionella regulations. Remove shower heads to clean and have ready to attach back again.
  • Protect furnishings: Close all curtains to reduce fading of furnishings.
  • Switch off and stay safe: Ensure all electrical items are switched off at the mains. Switch off all radiators.
  • Update and improve: This is an ideal time to do essential maintenance jobs such as removing scuffs from walls (often seen by the luggage stand) or regrouting bathroom tiles. Ensure your statutory test certificates are up to date.
  • Outside Tasks: Don’t forget to maintain your gardens, mow your lawns and weed the flower beds. This shows the property as being cared for and discourages loitering or trespass. Check pest controls are in place.

Do you have your own hospitality lockdown tips to share with other hospitality owners or managers?

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